Monday, April 19, 2010

Her Fabulous Men: Keeping the sexy

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Men. Love em. Leave em. Live with em. Live without em. Whether or not you have a husband or bf, or sleep over buddy, or casual fling, we all know having a man or men in your life can be a lot of fun. So, for those of us that may feel a little bored these days and not so fabulous with the men in our lives, how do we bring the sexy back?
Researchers have found that doing exciting or spontaneous things with the man or men in your life, will not only bond you closer if you're in a committed relationship, but with any man you may have relations with, it actually makes you more hot for each other! Sure, we've read all of those advice pages in magazines about how to dress, go down, walk, talk, and act more sexy for men. But I don't like writing things like that about keeping a man. Girl, you should do that for you and the men are a side benefit! When it comes to keeping a man or simply keeping the excitement you feel with him, it's more important to focus on what you both do, rather than what just you do. Come on now, it does take two, doesn't it?
So, what do these experts say? Doing exciting things whether it be something more large scale like bungee jumping or sky diving, or smaller scale like wine tasting or going to breweries, hiking, or going to a new salsa club, will make you feel hotter for each other. The trick is the adrenaline, according to an article that was run in Elle magazine, and the confusion your body has with these excitement hormones that actually help you fall head over heels in lust and love with the other person even more!
So, next time, ladies. Instead of dinner and movie. Try dinner and dancing, or dinner and sky diving if you dare. If it still doesn't work to liven up a relationship or spark something even more with a new guy, maybe it's time to reevaluate things. After all, we all deserve nothing less than our time with men being absolutely fabulous.



Her Fabulous Beauty: Beautiful voluminous hair

Brigitte Bardot in all her voluminous hair glory.

Do you have fine limp straight hair that is in need of a pick me up? Or, do you have unmanageable curls that you wish would be smooth, while still retaining their curl? Girl, have I got the answer for you! Hot rollers! Yes. It really is that simple. To get that fabulously sexy a la Brigitte Bardot sex kitten look, you need to look no further than getting a set of your very own fabulous hot rollers.
I started using hot rollers when I was around 21, and turning 27 in September, it's been almost six years in my love affairs with these hotties. What's so great about them is they don't take the time and effort curling each individual curl that curling irons take, and rather than making tight curls, they create full curls or simple fuller straight and curved hair. They are ingenious, and women have been using different forms of them for years. It's a wonder these haven't been so popular since the 1970s.
Now, you don't have to make your hair look like Farrah Fawcett, God rest her beautiful soul, but if you want, go right ahead! A more updated version of the full hot roller look, is more like Brigitte Bardot's. Although, she actually came before Farrah, her look is a bit more approachable, a bit less done and a bit universally more adaptable for the every day but still fabulous woman.
To achieve hair like Brigitte's, you need just below chin length or longer just washed and blow dried hair. Take a two inch section of each hair piece and roll under, not over until the roller touches the scalp. Secure with the clips that come in your set (a great and affordable one is by conair and can be purchases at most CVS stores or other drug stores). When all of the pins and rollers are secure, make sure you spray your entire head with voluminous hair spray. If you just want curled ends with little bounce, leave the rollers in for ten to twenty minutes. However, if you want that fabulous thick full beadhead come-you-know-what-me hair, then leave them in at least 45 minutes. Go ahead! Pop in some Sex and the City episodes. Make yourself some chai latte and paint your toes. Once you take those rollers out, tease at the crown and spray the roots. Turn your head over and blow dry your hair upside down for about a minute--this is the really important part because it will ensure you have undone sexy bombshell hair, not 80s hair.
Once you are finished spray your entire head with more hairspray and voila! Fabulous and sexy hair. Since I have been wearing this style more often on my nights out, men have definitely noticed. Whether it's the boost of confidence I get from the hair or the hair itself, this is a sexy way to style yourself. Believe me. They will notice how fabulous you are.



Hot rollers by conair from CVS are only 27.99!

Her Fabulous Style: Sexy styles are in for spring

Dior Spring 2010 ready to wear collection
Alexander Wang Spring 2010

From the lingerie look of Dior ready to wear to the sexy school girl knee socks at Alexander Wang, it's all about bringing the sexy back for spring. What better way to do this, ladies, than add some of those trends to your already fabulous wardrobe?
Now, I am a big supporter of adding trends, if you feel comfortable, but an even bigger supporter of wearing what you feel comfortable in that's really you and having basic classic pieces that never go out of style. What's more fabulous ladies, than always being in style? Not much. Except maybe, always being in style with some confidence:)
What I really love about these two trends, particularly, is how versatile and economical they are. For a 1940s silver screen look, you can add a sheer camisole like Dior featured, to a a classic trench or blazer and a pencil skirt, much like Dior also did in the ready to wear show, and you have classic pieces with a trendy twist. Once the trend is over, you can always use the camisole for your bed and fabulous man;) It seems, this is a very economical trend.
The knee socks, for a more lolita look, won't cost you much. Accessories like socks, believe me, are not where a fabulous girl wants to drop some change. If you have it, by all means, do so if you want. But no one is really going to notice if those knee socks you have on with your cute dress from modcloth are designer or not.

Below, are some pictures from various clothing sites to give you an idea of how to put together a fabulous sexy and sweet look with the two trends. Happy shopping my fabulous ladies!

A cute skirt from is perfect for creating a sexy sweet look.
A sheer lacy top from Forever 21 is on trend with the Dior runway.
A blazer from Forever 21 pulls the look together
A cute and affordable beaded necklace also from Forever 21 picks up the colors from the skirt.
Sheer knee socks from are on trend with socks on the Alexander Wang and Dior runways.
Nude colored platforms by Nine West from Macy's create the perfect balance between the cute skirt and sexy sheer socks.

Her Fabulous Life

Why did I name this blog "her fabulous?" According to, the secondary definition of fabulous is "exceptionally good or unusual; marvelous; superb." Aren't those great words? Wouldn't every woman love to have an exceptionally good, unusual, marvelous and superb life, not just a good life or a so-so life? I would. That's why I decided to create this blog--about life, about style, beauty and, yes, those men.
This is not going to be exactly like all those women's magazines, though--gotten love 'em. Although, I will focus on all aspects of the fabulous female's life, I am going to bring a larger portion of thought-provoking topics to the table. So, say instead of a fashion/beauty to lifestyle ratio of 80%/20% like you may see in magazines in the newsstand it will be more like 40%/60% for fashion beauty/lifestyle. Because, what really makes us fabulous, ladies? If you guessed our minds, you got it, sister! And of course, some fabulous shoes and clothes, and a fabulous mancessory to go with them didn't ever hurt a girl either;)

Here's to living fabulous in all aspects of life!